Collection: Return To Earthiness

Return To Earthiness - The Concept

Return to Earthiness, a digital and woodblock print art collectables series. A longing for the purity of the earth, the soil and the nature gave birth to this series. The sea breeze inspired me, organically connected me with the natural elements. In the earthiness I see people and their faces.

To me nature is brought to life when there is people and the series symbolically expresses how we are interwoven with nature. Our faces is where we generally express and expose our emotions through the the window of our souls and  through our smiles. Being meet with friendly eyes beaming of joy and empathy transfers joy and keeps me grounded and connected just like the earthy soil and the waves of the sea. In these series their faces are abstractly and symbolically expressed, organically interacting like a dance with the earthiness of the soil and the ocean breeze.