Art with Earthy Overtones & Emotional Undertones

Creativity Booster Who?

A Norwegian artist lving in South Africa, Elin Hauklien is a certified Glassblower and she has a Bachelor in Childcare and Welfare. During the last ten years she has been doing production design related projects for video and photo production, display design, graphic design and animation. Lately Elin has continued her artistic journey by expressing herself through woodblock printing, digital art, acrylic painting and mixed media projects. Her style is influenced by living in Africa for more than 13 years, collaborating with multiple cultures.

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Can you imagine any of these art series exhibited in your art gallery?

Let's chat over an informal video chat if you are interested in exhibiting my art works or buying my art. You can ask about any of your concerns and get to understand my visions and concepts better. Looking forwards hearing from you:-)

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