Collection: A Digital Ambivert

A Digital Ambivert - The Concept

A mixed media project on watercolor paper. The framing is used to present the artwork. The art works are built up layer by layer. Pencil drawings covered with water color, oil pastels and spray paint.

The contemporary art concept is a symbolic and abstract expression of the ambivert feelings towards the digital universe we are living in and the ambivert feelings and the efforts to balance the relationship with it. Drawn in between the forces of the digital universe, the need to be in it, but the feeling of the urge to be out of it and to breathe. Dealing with the expectations of being present on social media, the social interactions on multiple platforms that seem inevitable to be part of the society. The introduction and adjustment to live with AI or to have to move into its galaxy. From the inside out, I see and observe the power and its imaginary shape.

A mix of geometrical and organic shapes are used to symbolize how the digital universe at times is presented as an organic living thing, although I see a machine, and when stripped down there are only numbers to be seen. The oversaturated color combinations make it feel so overwhelming, hard not to look at, I don't know where to look. The numeric organism feels so real and it sucks me in, like powerful magnets. I see myself present, wanting to be out, to breathe and to feel free. I am in the beaming light of the organic like, numeric machine, and simultaneously I have a need to escape. Am I a digital ambivert?