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A Digital Ambivert - A Digital Organism

A Digital Ambivert - A Digital Organism

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Can numbers be alive? The power it has, is like that of a living being, it demands my attention, dragging me in. I feel my strength is weakening. Like a chameleon it changes its appearance to not let me leave, calling me by my name and saying it is my friend. A numeric friend or enemy, dead or living, positive or toxic or something in between?

Mixed media (watercolor, oil pastels and spray paint) on watercolor paper.

Size: 297 x 420 mm

The artwork will be shipped in a shipping tube, rolled up, for safe transport. Frame is not included.

Prices in our store include the 5 % Norwegian Art Tax (Kunstavgift) on all items valued at NOK 2000 or more (EUR170).

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